Inside the Outside, Blog Review by Kevin Blake

An excerpt from Kevin Blake’s review for the Bad At Sports Contemporary Art Talk blog… Keep reading

The Artist Who Would Be a Crow, Blog Article by Gavin Van Horn

An excerpt from Gavin Van Horn’s article for the Center for Humans & Nature blog… Keep reading

Sketches, Orchards & Dark Ponds, by Ed Krantz

This exhibition explores the relationships and perceptual differences that distinguish Eleanor Spiess-Ferris’s drawings from her finished paintings and gouaches. Sketches can serve as singular entities, studies for larger works, or personal notations of something seen or remembered. Spiess-Ferris uses all three modes to develop and build her vocabulary of forms and symbols… Keep reading

Eleanor Spiess-Ferris: An Appreciation, by James Yood

You can’t teach imagination, and for an artist such as Eleanor Spiess-Ferris that stunning ability to leap from here and now toward what and if is a central strength, the platform from which all else exudes. That’s the overwhelming impressions you receive in an encounter with the work of Spiess-Ferris… Keep reading

The Magpie Chronicles, Review by Garrett Holg

Chicago-based artist Eleanor Spiess-Ferris well-knowns the slipperiness of symbols. As a painter and a storyteller she speaks through her art with curious and profoundly resonant images. Nothing, from the most apparently mundane to the inexplicable, appears on her canvases without a purpose… Keep reading