The Artist Who Would Be a Crow, Blog Article by Gavin Van Horn

As assembly for the City Creatures book enters its final stages (co-editor Dave and I will hand it off to the press in a month and half), I thought it would be interesting to profile one of the artists who is contributing to the unruly beast that City Creatures has become.

Last week I went to visit artist Eleanor Spiess-Ferris, along with her partner Umberto Tosi, in her Rogers Park (Chicago) home. I came without a preconceived plan. Fascinated by her work, I just wanted to hear a bit more of her story: what led her to paint the richly surreal canvases that looked to me like dreamscapes (she would assure me they are not dreams), why are animals (especially birds, and native birds at that) such prominent figures in her art, and how may visual art be a form of storytelling?

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